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Kingwood Mixed Martial Arts“He who kneels before God can stand before anyone"


Tom McCusker

E-mail: kingwoodmma@gmail.com

Head Instructor
Coach Tom has spent the past 20 years training and competing in different combat sports from Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Submission Grappling. He went on to win the 1993 Houston Golden Gloves, 1996 Houston Silver Gloves, and has competed in some of the largest Submission Grappling tournaments in North America. Coach Tom has been training with Professor Travis Tooke since 2005 and is currently a brown belt and continues to further his education in the martial arts. He currently trains multiple MMA and grappling Champions, is the head instructor and head of the fight team at Next Generation Kingwood. As a program instructor, Coach Tom is known for his in-depth instruction and knowledge of technique. As an MMA trainer, Coach Tom is known for his strategic fight plan development and knowledge of the MMA sport. He has the ability to spot the holes in a fighter’s game and what the fighter needs to overcome his opponent.

Travis Black

E-mail: kingwoodmma@gmail.com

Travis Black - Instructor
Coach Travis has been training at Kingwood MMA since 2010. He is currently ranked as a purple belt. Travis has competed and won his division as well as the absolute division in tournaments such as Grand Prix Grappling, American Grappling Federation, NAGA, and Fight 2 Win. Travis enjoys coaching as much as learning and looks forward to improving the entire team's game.

Jason Harrington

E-mail: kingwoodmma@gmail.com

Jason Harrington - Instructor

Rich McCusker

E-mail: kingwoodmma@gmail.com

Rich McCusker is a former Special Operations veteran with combat experience in different venues throughout the world. He has 8 years experience in the military with 5 years as a Team Leader. He was highly respected by his peers as well as his command. He is a retired 21 year veteran formerly with a major metropolitan police department and former SWAT Operator with over 13 years experience. Rich holds Instructor certifications in Firearms, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, FPOS, Hand Combat (Level 8 under Coach Eric Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling, Full Instructor Under Progressive Fighting Systems Under Sifu Paul Vunak). He has been involved in Maritime operations in the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aiden, and the Indian Ocean regarding Hostage Rescue, GOPLATs and Ship Takedowns (VBSS). He has been involved in countless High Risk Warrant entries and call-outs involving Barricaded Suspects and Hostage Rescues. Rich has travelled across the United States teaching seven skills (Firearms, Hand Combat, Knife Combat, CQB, Medical, Physical Fitness, and Leadership) to Military, Law Enforcement and Civilians. Rich has had the opportunity to train in Muay Thai with the Thai Recon Marines and fight in a few Muay Thai matches in Pattya Beach, Thailand. Rich fought on a law enforcement boxing team for 3 years and fought in different venues around Houston and New York. His innovative ideas, real world experiences and ability to pay attention to detail along with His passion for firearms, Hand Combat and tactical instruction has made him one of the most sought after instructors in the tactical world. Rich has taught for the TTPOA, TNOA, CSAT and has written articles for the Harbinger Magazine regarding Tactics and firearms.